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Want to join us?  Great Choice!

We can't wait to talk to you about joining the Swim am byth family in more detail . . .

Everyone is welcome at Swim am byth . . .
and it can be completed in 3 very easy steps!

1. Register online
Tell us a little bit about your goals so that we can match you with the most suitable and appropriate environment

2. Get matched
Within 24 hours, you can expect to receive a phone call or email form a Swim am byth supervisor who will talk through some questions, discuss your needs and your schedule so that you are being provided with the best possible service, from the beginning!

3. Dive in, start swimming and reaching your goals
Dive in, sounds easy right?  Not really.  It takes a full team effort from all our members to reach the goals we have set.

Communication and perseverance is key!  Please understand that our team are trained to nurture and challenge their swimmers, at times it can be physically and emotionally demanding.

The rewards that we build with our members last a lifetime and we never take for granted the bond that we form with each of them.

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