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Swim am byth has Swim Australia trainers and presenters at our locations

We offer a range of training services that is individually designed and developed to suit your teams needs.

Boost your staff knowledge and expertise today!

Running an elite program requires a well trained team that are all on the "same page".

Swim am byth can work with you to develop training specific to your needs.

Our executive coaching and leadership team will work with your team to offer take your team to the next level, boosting their knowledge, awareness and engagement as well as so much more!

Looking for training but you're not close to one of our locations . . .

We can still help by facilitating training at your location or virtually!

The Swim Australia Teacher (SAT) has the competence and knowledge to teach swimming and water safety to independent learners from ages 2 ½ upward with an emphasis on safety, fun and skill development.

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Swim Australia Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
Swim Australia Teacher of Babies and Toddlers

The Swim Australia Teacher of Babies & Toddlers (SAT B&T) has the competence and knowledge to teach water familiarisation and basic swimming and water safety to Caregivers and their dependent learners from ages 6 months to 4 years.

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The Swim Australia Teacher of Learners with Disability (LWD) will be competent deliver swimming lessons and services to students and learners with a diverse range of abilities.

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Swim Australia Teacher of Learners with a Disability
Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming

The Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming (SAT CS) will be competent to deliver basic swimming squad sessions that develop the swimming technique of novice Swimmers – this is generally defined as Swimmers who are recent “Learn to Swim” Graduates and are in the likes of a “mini squad” (usually around 10-years and under) and still acquiring the skills needed to transition into competition.

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Successful Development Coaches create experiences which focus on the benefits of developing skills and increasing fitness.  Their enthusiasm and encouragement provide extra motivation for participants to develop a love of swimming and sustain this interest over their lives.

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Successful Advanced Coaches bring out each swimmers ability by identifying individual needs and planning and implementing suitable training programs based on individual swimmer needs. They implement support systems that develop the individual swimmers physical and psychological fitness and maximises their performance.

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Successful Performance Coaches develop people and structures to sustain success for swimming.  They do this by balancing data and information with intuition and experience to make accurate evidence-based decisions under pressure,  They trust their swimmers to take responsibility for their own performances, and they welcome feedback.

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CPR Course

The CPR Course covers the knowledge and skills required to provide CPR, manage and assess an emergency situation, use an automatic external defibrillator (AED), understand DRSABCD and the First Aider's legal responsibilities. 

CPR Course
Pool Lifeguard & Lifeguard Update Courses

The Pool Lifeguard Course will provide you with the required skills to work as a Pool Lifeguard in aquatic environments such as Swim Centres and recreational facilities

Upon completion of the Aquatic Supervisor Course you will have an increased ability to apply self-reflection techniques to improve your workplace skills and to plan and implement a personalised professional development plan. You will also have the skills to identify your current and future work priorities by developing a workplace strategic plan.

Aquatic Supervisor & Aquatic Trainee Course

The First Aid Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to provide first aid response and life support, manage casualty(ies), the incident, and other first aiders, until qualified emergency help arrives at the scene of the incident.

First Aid Course
First Aid Course
Pool Lifeguard
Aquatic Supervisor
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