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Our Adults program caters to all abilities whether you are taking your first splash, want to develop your strokes or compete against others

Whatever your goals, the Adults program will help you realise your full potential!


Class Duration
30 - 60 minutes

Maximum instructor : swimmer ratio
1 Instructor : 6 - 12 Swimmers

Our Levels
Learn to Swim ︳Stroke Development ︳Squad

Available locations

Adult - Stroke Development

Suitable for swimmers with basic technique that want to become efficient in the water

Adult - Squad

Suitable for swimmers with efficient swimmers want to become effective swimming trainers

Adult - Learn to Swim

Suitable for inexperienced swimmers who want to learn the fundamentals

☑ Understand safe entries and exits 
☑ Float on the back and front for 5 seconds
☑ Streamline on the front and the back
☑ Swim with correct body position and basic technique on back

☑ Swim with correct body position and basic technique on front

Learn to Swim

☑ Complete grab starts from the poolside​
☑ Perform Freestyle & Backstroke tumble turns & pull outs
☑ Swim basic Butterfly technique
☑ Swim efficient Breaststroke technique
☑ Swim effective Freestyle & Backstroke technique

Stroke Development

☑ Competently use a pace clock for rest & start times
☑ Show competence and composure for required drills
☑ Swim all four strokes effectively

☑ Swim an Individual Medley with correct start, turns & finishes for 400 metres
☑ Achieve their full potential in Swimming

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