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Our Difference
Our History
Our Philosophy
Our Team
Our Difference

Our Difference

Through our unique and individualised approach, in our boutique style, we can guarantee to take you from your what could be your first splash to achieving a passion and love for the water that will last forever!

At Swim am byth our aim is simple - to provide a fun, safe, nurturing yet challenging, environment for everyone and anyone and for them to develop a love for the water.

​If you would you like to be part of a small family owned business that genuinely cares about its members then look no further than Swim am byth.  At Swim am byth we have a passion for the water and want you to have it too!  Whether you want your children to gain water awareness and enjoy the water or you are looking to learn or get fit in a non-threatening environment then this is the place for you.​

We pride ourselves on creating the best possible experience for all our members from the beginning.  At Swim am byth, you will become part of family and you will build relationships that will last forever.

Our History

Our History


SW Swim School, Wales UK

Simon Watkins teaches over 500 swimmers within the first 3 months


Across the pond to Australia

Hannah & Simon make the leap and emigrate to Australia


Bachelor of Applied Science

Hannah completes her Bachelor of Applied Science degree

Willoughby City Council

Hannah starts managing the programs and services for Willoughby Leisure


Australian Swim Team

Simon returns to coaching and places his first swimmer on the Australian Swim Team and continues every year



Brewer Swimming

Hannah starts managing the programs for Graeme and Narelle Brewer (yes, the mean machine's Graeme Brewer)


Trinity Catholic College

Simon takes on the challenge of reviving the programs at Trinity Catholic College, Lismore


Master of Teaching

Hannah starts her Master of Teaching degree


Northmead, NSW

The new adventure begins . . .


Meerschaum Vale, NSW

The new adventure begins . . .

It all started when . . .​

Simon and Hannah moved to Australia in 2008.  We spent some time getting to know the Australian way through working with some amazing swimmers, instructors and companies until it was time to start Swim am byth!


Water is an enjoyable part of living in Australia, whether it be in your home pool, at your local swimming centre, at the beach, or on holiday, the list goes on.  We strongly believe that there should be no reason why everyone can't enjoy the water.

Simon started his first experience in the water after his athletics coach suggested he started swimming to help with his asthma.  Simon will always say that swimming wasn't his sport as he was an international triple jumper but, he kept swimming to help with his athletics, his natural talent and love for the water led him to representing his country in swimming as well as athletics.  Injury forced Simon into retirement and but he still would be heavily involved in swimming, instructing and coaching swimming at the local swimming centre.  At the age of 16 he started his first Swim School then later became a tutor, presenter and development officer for British Swimming.  Everything was going to plan until, at you guessed it, a swimming pool in Wales he met Hannah who had plans to move to Australia.​

From a young age, Hannah has always had a passion for sport and exercise.  Starting out as a netball coach at the age of 13 she fell in love with seeing the enjoyment people get from achieving a new skill and knowing that she had a hand in that achievement was something she didn't want to give up.  Netball turned into various other team sports, gymnastics, group exercise and yes swimming.  Hannah was lifeguarding and teaching swimming at a swimming pool in Wales when she met Simon who swept her off her feet and encouraged her to become further involved in swimming teaching.


We then spent time working together in different swim schools across the UK until moving to Australia in 2008 where the next chapter of our lives began.  In Australia, Hannah continued studying her Sport and Exercise Science degree while Simon managed administration and contracts for an international engineering company and worked as a volunteer swimming coach at the local pool.  It was always sport that made Simon happy though so as soon as Hannah finished her studies Simon got back into coaching full time.  Within 12 months of Hannah finishing her degree Simon was dominating the high performance side of swimming, placing swimmers on the Australian swim team and being selected as a coach on Team Camps and events.  Hannah was focusing on the grass roots side of the sport, managing the sports programs and over 3,000 swimmers at the local swimming pool before joining the team at Brewer Swimming where grass roots and high performance meet.

It was time for a sea change for Simon and Hannah in 2017, who left the big smoke of Sydney to take on a new challenge on the sunny North Coast of NSW.  Swim am byth, while new to the North Coast, we're sure everyone will fall in love just like we have.

We're looking forward to meeting lots of new families!

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Swim am byth we are passionate about the water, making it enjoyable and working with our members to achieve their goals.  We are a family business and know that our flexible, fun and family orientated approach gets the most out of all our members.  We create a sense of confidence in the water and build strong relationships that make our members want to try harder, progress faster and love every session.​


Simon acknowledges his passion for the water was firmly established when he met his first coach Phyllis Zagozda.  Phyllis's ability to build the love of the sport under all of those around her was a gift that affected many swimmers, parents, coaches and teachers throughout the years.  Simon, to this day, looks to Phyllis for guidance and support which she is always more than happy to provide.


Hannah's love of sport and education comes from her mother who is a school teacher.  Years of being 'dragged' around different sports complexes to participate in exercise classes and sports competitions along with being able to see hands on what a difference teachers have in people’s lives instilled in Hannah that she had to help in whatever way she could to educate and support others around her.


Joining Simon's technical swimming knowledge and Hannah's passion for education has formed the core to Swim am byth's programs.  We aim to build lifelong relationships with all our families through working together to set and achieve goals throughout their time with us.


Needless to say, Australia is one of the world's greatest swimming nations and families are constantly around the water.  Swimming as a form of exercise and general fitness can be enjoyed for a life time and being able to swim from a young age and being strong enough to swim from danger is very important within our culture.  Even with our strong affiliation with the water, drowning still occurs and we are passionate about educating both swimmers and families so that we can help decrease the chances of preventable drowning.

Our Team


Partners in work and life . . .

Hannah Watkins


Simon Watkins

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