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Water Exploration

Water Exploration at Swim am byth

Our Water Exploration program prepares you and your child to be happy, relaxed, confident and coordinated in the water.

The program will allow you to explore different body movements in the water, learn valuable holds and cues gain as well as gain understanding of safety skills to allow your child to confidently separate from you.

Class Duration
20 to 30 minutes

Maximum instructor : swimmer ratio
1 Instructor : 8 Adults & Swimmers

Our Levels
Guppy ︳Platy ︳Tetra

Available locations


Suitable for swimmers from 6 weeks old


Suitable for swimmers from 18 months old


Suitable for swimmers from 2.5 years old

Our Levels

☑ Make a supervised, safe entry with adult support 

☑ Wet the head without submersion
☑ Blow bubbles at the water surface

☑ Float on the back with adult support

☑ Travel 2 metres with adult support

Our Guppy


☑ Learn Guppy & Platy skills as required 
☑ Submerge completely and blow bubbles
☑ Streamline on the front

☑ Rotate 360 degrees vertically and horizontally
☑ Travel 5 metres

☑ Learn Guppy skills as required 
☑ Blow bubbles with mouth underwater
☑ Move safely along the wall for 5 metres

☑ Float on the back and front
☑ Kick using an aid for 4 metres

Our Platy

Our Tetra


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