What do we do?
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Water Exploration

The Water Exploration course prepares you and your child to be happy, relaxed, confident and coordinated in the water.  The course will allow you to explore different body movements in the water, learn valuable holds and cues gain as well as gain understanding of safety skills to allow your child to confidently separate from you.

Learn to Swim

The Learn to Swim course prepares each swimmer with the fundamentals of all swimming strokes and safety skills including body positioning, breath control and kicking.  Having the correct fundamental building blocks to the strokes will allow swimmers to start developing their stroke easier and more efficiently.

Stroke Development

The Stroke Development course provides swimmers with the opportunity to develop all four swimming strokes from a basic technique through to being effective and efficient in the water.  At Swim am byth, we feel, having the flexibility to be able to swim a number of strokes prior to further refining your skills and entering 'squad' prepares the swimmer to be able to train at a greater level and quality.


The Squad course provides swimmers with the skills and knowledge of how to train, race, be a considerate team member and above all else, realise their full potential.


The Adults course cater to every level of expertise, from those just entering the pool for the first time all the way up to advanced swimmers hoping to improve their stroke technique.  We believe adults have had a wide range of experiences in and/or around the water and therefore the course is based on a personalized program that works to meet your specific needs. We'll work hard to help you meet your goals!

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