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Nothing else needs to be said . . . they’re a person just like you so #lookafteryourcoach

Nothing else needs to be said . . . they’re a person just like you so #lookafteryourcoach

ASCTA AND LEIGH NUGENT COME OUT IN SUPPORT OF #lookafteryourcoach CAMPAIGN By Ian Hanson ASCTA together with former Olympic swim team head coach Leigh Nugent and the first swimmer to be named on the 2020 Olympic team Kareena Lee have come out in unison to support the #lookafteryourcoach campaign, an initiative launched yesterday by the Brisbane-based M5 Management Group. Leigh Nugent, Olympic head coach from Beijing in 2008 and one of Australia’s most respected and celebrated coaches together with ASCTA CEO Brendon Ward have joined the #lookafteryourcoach push. They are encouraging “all Australians who play sport at all levels to think about the coaches who make their sport possible, to consider the sacrifices they make, and say thanks for their great contribution.” It is now very much a part of M5’s charter to improve mental health in the sports industry, a factor that has become a vitally important part of M5's day-to-day work, and athletes and staff are now accustomed to being asked "How's your mental health?" or "Where's your head at today?" M5 director, Phil Stoneman says that in the course of day-to-day operations, athletes, coaches and support staff all suffer from poor mental health and in some cases, burnout. “In 2018 we started talking regularly to our wide network about levels of coach wellbeing and the feedback reflected a common theme,” Stoneman said. "Yes, it is a serious issue that needs attention and we love the concept of caring for coaches. “We researched further and found a large amount of international and Australian research on the subject. “The campaign is simple, in order to put the mental health of coaches across Australia on the agenda, M5 is asking the sporting community to acknowledge one of the most important roles in sport and the wider community the role of coach.” Athletes around Australia have already banded together with an overwhelming support on the https://www.facebook.com/lookafteryourcoach/ Facebook page posting videos, Instagram posts, message tagging their coach, sharing experiences about coaches who have made a significant impact on their careers and life beyond sport. And one of the first athletes to tick that “Thank You” box was 10km open water marathon swimmer Kareena Lee, who was yesterday named to make her Olympic debut in Tokyo next year – an achievement she knows she could not have done without her 81-year-old coach John “JR” Rodgers by her side. “ To my coach, my mentor, my psychologist, my nutritionist, my friend and the most important person in my swimming career…JR….Thank You! “Thank you for putting us first, for spending your days planning our sessions, ensuring we will have the best chance to perform. “Thank you for travelling with us, even though it means spending a long time away from your family. “Thanks you for being the first one to celebrate with us when we win and the one to lift us back up when we fall. “To you “JR” and Jenny and to all coaches we appreciate you and everything you do - #lookafteryourcoach.” ASCTA and Nunawading SC Life Member, former successful Olympic head coach in 2004 and National Youth Coach, recently elected Life Member of Swimming Victoria and current head coach of SA and WA Leigh Nugent spoke for all coaches when he said: “Here here to M5…the plight of sporting coaches has long been over looked in the mental and physical wellness space and it is gratifying that M5 is waving the flag of recognition and support in this circumstance. “The true extent of over work, stress, anxiety, depression and associated health issues would not be known amongst the coach population, because it is generally accepted that if they choose to coach it goes with the job and they will cope and not succumb to such conditions. “It is true that coaches receive accolades when a team or individual has success but it is more often the case that they receive criticism and negative accusation for perceived absence of success. “The simplistic view of success is winning and all other outcomes are failure (which is far from fact), for which the coach is more often than not blamed. “It is becoming increasingly common for coaches of children to be inappropriately challenged and more often than not abused by the ill-informed modern day parent. “This type of unacceptable behaviour I’m sure, is leading to mental difficulties for our coaches, with the effect of driving them out of coaching and the sport.” ASCTA CEO Brendon Ward acknowledged that Swimmers (Athletes) often spend more time with their coach than family or friends. “Coaches are extremely important and influential in the development of athletes from a technical and personal perspective,” said Ward. “They provide advice, knowledge and skills on well-being, leadership, time management, focus, discipline and many other life shaping aspects. “In many cases the relationship between coach and athlete is very one sided with the coach giving so much, and the athlete taking and receiving. “So, who looks after the coach? Who values their passion, commitment and professionalism? “#lookafteryoucoach is such an important initiative to remind athletes, parents, administrators and officials to take care of the person who takes care of so many others. “I strongly encourage people to get behind this campaign, recognise the efforts of their coach and ensure they are being cared for.” A coaches role is often taken for granted and the fight to take any blame for a team’s actions or poor performance regardless of whether they are paid or volunteers it is often overlooked that sport at any level cannot exist without a coach. Further information: https://www.m5management.com.au/-lookafteryourcoach.html

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