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Huge, huge, huge thank you Swim am byth - Mooloolah!

Huge, huge, huge thank you to everyone who made their way to the pool today - it was so busy I didn’t even get chance to take a photo (and those who know me, know I’m normally like the paparazzi with the camera 🤣).

Honestly it was great to see so many people there and even better to get the opportunity to talk to a lot of you! Now, based on my conversations with everyone today here goes . . .

Programs (learn to swim, stroke development, squads) will start from next week, the 21 October 2019. This will give us some time to go through all your requests to create a program schedule based on the communities needs. If you are interested in any of our programs please complete our online registration form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the options.

Public swimming will be up and running from tomorrow morning. Just a couple of changes to this weeks timetable (due to unfortunately Suzy being readmitted to hospital earlier today): Monday 3.00pm - 7.00pm Tuesday 3.00pm - 7.00pm

But . . . to make up for not being open these 2 afternoons we have arranged the following: ❤️ Thursday 5.30am - 9.00am ❤️ Friday 5.30am - 9.00am

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused with us having to change the public swimming timetable slightly and we hope that our “early risers” will take advantage of the extra early sessions this week. Suzy is working hard to get better and is super excited to get to the pool, get things going and meet you all!

I’ll be in touch with everyone who requested to be contacted over the next few days and start scheduling our programs based on what you want. Please bare with me, I will be in touch and we will get you in a suitable session . . . we just need to get it set up at times that work for you all as a community. This may take a bit of time to juggle everything but it will happen and I will be in touch this week to get you started next week 😃

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