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3 Reasons To Teach Your Infant to Swim

Infant swimming lessons are popular and exciting for new and experienced parents alike.

But can parents explain to their peers and family why swimming lessons are important?

Read on to find out 3 reasons we believe swimming lessons are important...

1. Safety Starting swimming lessons from a young age may give swimmers a safety advantage if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Many of the skills taught in lessons correlate to real life safety situations - breath control, front and back floating, turning, propulsion and climbing out can all be used should an accident occur around the water.

Instructors should ensure they are explaining why these safety skills are being taught and how to recognise when to use them. Questions such as “what do you do if you fall in the pool/creek/dam” or statements such as “swim around your parent back to the safety of the shallow ledge/side” will assist in educating swimmers and parents within the lesson.

2. Bonding How many activities are there in life that parent and child spend time together without any distractions? Infant swimming lessons offer parents half an hour to put down their mobile phone, forget about the outside world and participate in the lesson with their child.

Very young babies need constant support and assistance from their parent. Older swimmers need reassurance, manipulation and praise in their lesson. Swimmers of all ages rely on social referencing with their parent for in and satisfaction within the lesson.

Other bonding experiences can happen in the water when swimmers and parents forge friendships within their lesson

All swimmers should be supervised closely at all times no matter how confident they are in their swimming abilities.

3. Academic Proof A longitudinal study done by Griffith University in Australia found that swimmers who participate in swimming lessons show more advanced physical and cognitive abilities than their non-swimming peers. In fact young swimmers were between 6-15 months ahead of the non swimming population in problem solving and following instructions. Swimming is not only great for infants physical capabilities but also assist in their intellectual growth.

We believe swimming is an important life skill for all ages. What is your reason to participate in or provide infant swimming lessons?

#swimambyth #swimming #lessons #northmead #thehillsschool#laurielawrenceswimschool #reasons #infant #learntoswim #getinearly

#swimambyth #swimming #lessons #northmead #thehillsschool #laurielawrenceswimschool #reasons #infant #learntoswim #getinearly

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