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Benefits of Winter Swimming

Lives are lost to drowning throughout the year, during all seasons. Last year, 21% of all drowning deaths in Australia occurred during winter, so it’s vital that children are encouraged to participate and learn about water safety all year round. If a seasonal pool is the only option in your area, then you can teach your children about water safety online through the Swim and Survive website. Or if you’re going away on holidays, why not take the opportunity to participate in a structured program.

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There are many benefits to participating in swimming lessons during winter. In many cases, winter is one of the best times of the year to swim! Retention of skills and knowledge Children are more likely to progress further if they continue to practice and build upon the skills learnt during the warmer months. Smaller classes Often classes are smaller during winter, so your child may get more time with their teacher. Often more spaces are available Demand for lessons is high in summer and it’s often difficult to secure a spot if you wait until the warmer weather comes. Continuation of routine It can be hard to re-establish the swimming lesson routine if your child has had a significant break from lessons. In addition, children are more likely to continue swimming as a form of exercise into adulthood if a routine is established early. Development and maintenance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle Swimming keeps children active throughout the year. Unlike other sports which get called off in bad weather, you can swim rain, hail or shine! Be a part of a social community Participating in lessons throughout the year helps children to stay socially connected and encourages new friendships, while having fun. Further aquatic opportunities Children learn skills and knowledge that may enhance interest in participating in other aquatic sports and inspire future careers. If you really find swimming in winter too hard, look at how you can reduce the amount of time you are not participating. You may like to swim for recreation on weekends or skip only the colder months of June, July and August.

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