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Commit To Consistency With Your Child’s Swimming Course!

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Commit To Consistency With Your Child’s Swimming Course!

Winter is here – in Australia that is! And when the temperatures start to drop, so do the number of swimmers participating in learn to swim programs nationwide. Many mums, dads and carers decide to hang up their swimsuits for the season and look for other sports and activities to entertain and engage their children. But, here’s the thing, to be a great swimmer and to see the continual improvement you need to be consistent. Winter is the perfect time to keep your children in a swimming course because, unlike backyard pools and local beaches, the water is warm. With limited water exposure during the cooler months, it makes perfect sense to continue lessons and provide your children with the best chance for improvement.

Swimming Course Consistency​

As a parent, making the decision to commit to swimming lessons year-round will see your child push forward and improve, building confidence in their swimming skills and gain more independence in an aquatic environment. We all know how hard it can be to start back at the gym after a few months off – so we keep going to avoid having to start at square one. The same goes for your child and their swimming development.

Ceasing lessons for any period of time throughout the year can result in the regression of swimming skills and confidence in the water. Swimmers and their parents may also have unrealistic expectations about what they are capable of achieving when they are reintroduced to swimming lessons and often swimmers who have had a break may get a fright upon their return. This can occur because swimmers may not be able to swim the same distances or have the capacity to hold their breath for the same amount of time but parents may expect them to do so.

It is important to remember that if you have taken a break from swimming with your child, ease them back into it and rebuild their confidence and skills without expecting too much too soon. Even the most confident and competent swimmers can regress without consistent practice- this is why aspiring Olympians will commit to four years of training without skipping a session let alone a whole season!

Check out this footage of two-year-old Knox.

He is confident, relaxed and independently mobile in the water – the result of a supportive family who made the commitment to attend two swimming lessons per week for the whole year. Note that mum is still very involved in Knox’s lessons at Laurie Lawrence Swim School. This parental involvement follows the World Wide Swim School ethos which allows for:

  • Great supervision and proximity in a water environment where accidents can occur.

  • Development of fine motor skills and muscle memory through manipulation allowing for “show practice”.

  • Swimmers to achieve maximum practice time throughout the class.

While Knox is great in the water, taking a break could undo all the hard work he has done with his family. Remember, consistency is vital if you want your child to keep showing regular improvement in their aquatic development.

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