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Our Top 5 Water Safety Tips

Even though the holidays are coming to an end, please don’t get complacent around the water.

Check out Brewer Swimming’s water safety tips.

Supervise, supervise, supervise!

It is essential that adults supervise young children at all times whether they are near the pool, beach or other bodies of water. Keeping children under five within one arms’ length is imperative for water safety. Never rely on floatation devices or older children to supervise other children! If kids are in the pool ignore the ringing phone, a knock at the door, or other distractions.

Supervise your child
Be familiar with beach safety and what to do in an emergency

Australian beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. However they can also be the most hazardous in the world, so knowing how to stay safe next time you visit the beach is essential. Always swim between the red and yellow flags, look and take notice of signs at the beach and never swim or surf alone.

Swim between the flags

Anyone can be affected by a drowning or a near drowning experience. To prepare for an emergency situation, learning CPR and First Aid techniques may significantly increase recovery time or even save a life in any near drowning situation.

St John Ambulance Australia and Life International Training are great first aid providers.

Teach your kids to swim

Teaching children to swim from a young age is vital in developing water confidence and water safety skills. Learning to swim year-round has many benefits for children: it’s great for their health and well-being, enhances their self-esteem and more importantly, teaches them a life-saving skill. Exploring different aquatic environments such as beaches, local pools and in-land waterways will assist in increasing water awareness and may be helpful in an emergency situation.

In the last lesson of every term, Brewer Swimming encourages children to swim in their PJ’s, and without goggles, so they know what it feels like to swim in clothes if they are ever in an emergency situation!

Encourage children to continue swimming

Swimming is a fantastic skill that has many health benefits, as well as giving people the confidence to participate in all type of water-based activities or even compete in surf lifesaving or triathlon competitions.

However, even strong swimmers can get into trouble in unfamiliar environments, so we recommend that all children feel comfortable and confident swimming between 500 and 1000 metres to ensure they’ll be able to save themselves if required.

Every term, Brewer Swimming’s squad swimmers work towards swimming 1000 metres in 20 minutes!

Kids’s Alive – Do The Five!

1 – Fence The Pool

2 – Shut The Gate

3 – Learn To Swim – It’s Great!

4 – Supervise – Watch Your Mate!

5 – Learn how to resuscitate

Kids Alive Do The Five

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