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Watkins Family

Welcome to the
Swim am byth Family

"As a family owned and operated business and through our unique and individualised approach, in our boutique style, we can guarantee to take you from what could be your first splash to achieving a passion and love for the water that will last forever!"
Simon, Hannah & Skye Watkins

☑ Provide a fun, safe, nurturing yet challenging
   environment for everyone and anyone
☑ Encourage our swimmers to develop a love for
   the water
☑ Continually review and develop our program that
   has been carefully designed by our family with
   proven results

☑ Share our families knowledge with our team and
   the the wider industry to improve all swimming
☑ Understand that everyone is different and has
   different goals in and around the water 
☑ Offer a personal touch as we know that can
   sometimes make the difference between failure
   and success 

Our Goals

Our News

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